Consider Investing in the Vending Machine Industry: A Recession Proof Business

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

The vending industry is one of the few industries that has continued to grow since the recession. The vending machine business was worth $9 billion in 2017, which is a 38% increase from 2008. This article will explore why investing in vending machines could be your “golden ticket” and how you can get started with this recession-proof business opportunity for 2021 and beyond!

- vending machines have a high ROI

- vending machine businesses are recession-proof because customers always need to eat and drink while they're on the go. In addition, we provide baby products that parents are always running out of and never seem to have enough of.

- vending machines occupy little space, don't require much maintenance or labor costs, and make money all day long without you having to worry about them. They sell themselves!

- vending machines are perfect for you if your full-time job is restricting your ability to grow a business on the side.

-Vending machines are the epitome of passive income because you can literally watch your money work for you as transactions

- vending machine businesses allow for flexibility in where you operate, and the hours that will work best with your schedule. Many people who have successful vending machine businesses don't even need to be at the location they own because all they do is drop off the vending machine, make a few bank deposits and then go on with their day.

- vending machines are an easy way to get started in entrepreneurship because it allows you to start small without heavily investing in inventory or machinery

- if your goal of starting a business from home is for independence, vending machines give you that independence you desire because vending machines are the perfect business for people who have jobs and have children.

Pivoting During And After The Pandemic

Since the arrival of the coronavirus in the United States, employers were forced to shift employees to remote work. As we climb out of the pandemic, employers are starting to force people back into the workplace and not everyone is happy about it.

Some people who had been working remotely for a year or more are not ready to return because they have no interest in the work. They feel like their time off was well used and now want to move onto something new; maybe even start another business!

Others don't want to go back into the office at all, especially when they're working from home. They've been living a more balanced life, and know that their kids are back in school again, it's time to return to the office and be chained down again?

The final group of people who don't want to go back into the office is those who were fed up with workplace politics and drama. This pandemic was their chance to get away from those coworkers and managers that make their skin crawl or work on their last nerve. Sadly, the thought of returning to the workplace is causing thousands of people to experience a host of negative emotions and feelings. In fact, many people like the ones reading this article are considering going into business for themselves instead of returning to their 9-5 job.

The Bottom Line: Employers have been pushing people back into the workplace since we climbed out of the pandemic and more employees are exploring how they can start a business of their own. If you exploring your options of what business you are going to start, we'd invite you to read one of our articles about the vending machine business.

The Vending Machine Industry Prospers In All Economic Climates

Investing in vending machine business is a good idea for anyone who wants to make money while they sleep. There are vending machines that dispense everything from baby products, food items, magazines, and even luxury goods like clothes or shoes. The vending industry has proven throughout history to be a recession-proof business because not only does it provide people with something to eat or drink while they're on the go, they perform extremely well when placed in convenient/high traffic locations.