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How a Baby Vending Machine Helps Attract and Retain Apartment Tenants

In the United States in 2020, a one-bedroom apartment on average went for around $1,098 per month. This number rises even higher with the addition of extra bedrooms.

To compete in the ever-expanding housing market, apartment complexes must offer certain amenities to entice potential tenants. Especially those with young children. In the apartment rental world, baby vending machines fill an unmet niche.

Wondering how a baby vending machine can help attract and retain good tenants? In this blog post, we'll provide you with information about the benefits of using a baby vending machine on your apartment rental property. Keep reading to find out more information.

A Baby Vending Machine Provides Convenience

One of the top benefits of providing a baby vending machine on your rental property is convenience. Tenants with small children don't want to have to go through all of the stress of going to a store or a convenience mart every time they need something.

With a baby vending machine in the lobby of the building, they have access to their own mini-mart on the premises. This factor alone can be a saving grace for a stressed-out parent in need of baby products.

Many of the newer baby vending machine designs use a cashless QR code scanner. This withdraws funds from a form of payment linked to a smartphone account, so they won't have to dig around for small bills and loose change.

Tenants will save so much time and effort they would have had to use going out to a store with no guarantee they'll even find what they're looking for. Whether it's a late-night need for extra diapers or formula, your tenants can rest easy knowing they have quick and convenient access to the items they need.

Vending Machine For Kid and babies

A Baby Vending Machine Allows for Customization

A baby vending machine is so much more than just a standard baby diaper vending machine. Baby vending machines can be stocked with an array of baby products. They can be customized with whatever your tenants need the most.

Some items that can be included in a baby vending machine include:

  • First-aid items such as thermometers and band-aids

  • Baby formula

  • Pacifiers

  • Teethers

  • Diaper rash cream

  • Baby food

  • Wet wipes

  • Toys

  • Clothing

  • Popular health kids' snacks

Having the most needed items on hand inside a baby vending machine can greatly save your tenants the stress of handling a fussy baby at all hours of the day or night. You can send a comment card to all of your tenants with children in the building asking them what baby products they need most often to stock in your baby vending machine.

You can make your building stand out as a premier location for working mothers of small children who enjoy the comfort and selection their on-premises baby vending machine offers. There's no second-guessing whether or not they'll find what they need either as this is a vending machine devoted solely to baby products.

A Baby Vending Machine Offers Safety

Some areas with apartment complexes may not be located in particularly safe areas. A mother with a small child does not want to go out of the apartment late at night with a fussy baby in tow just to see if the gas station mart two blocks over has any diapers.

If there is a baby vending machine on the premises of the apartment complex, your tenants with children will feel much safer accessing it from a securely locked lobby late at night in areas where safety may be questionable.

Only tenants with lobby keys will be able to access the machine. Its peace of mind for parents and their children.

Baby Vending Machine Ideas

A Baby Vending Machine Is Practical

Amenities like a game room or a pool are fun in theory, but they're not always practical and they're not utilized as much as other necessary services. A baby vending machine is something that has immense use and adds a valuable service to your apartment unit rental property.

It operates like all standard vending machines by accepting payment and dispensing the chosen items from a bin or drawer. It has a simple interface with the items or pictures of the items easily viewable.

A baby vending machine creates a stream of passive income with minimal upkeep. The number of times a baby vending machine could be used in a potential month's timeframe alone could already make it worth the investment.

Baby Vending Machine help fill apartments with tenants
The apartment complex gets a new tenant

A Baby Vending Machine Sets You Apart from the Competition

A baby vending machine is just as valuable an amenity to offer your tenants as on-site laundry services. Tenants are looking for the services and comforts that set your apartment building apart from all of the others out there.

Single parents of infants and toddlers will definitely see a baby vending machine as an invaluable resource that can help them provide for the needs of their children. The marketability of a baby vending machine is a powerful tool that helps you stand out from other rental properties.

It seems like such a small thing, but it can have a tremendous benefit in attracting tenants. They will see your property as one that cares about its renters and their needs. You're filling the gap in accessing necessary supplies and baby products.

A Baby Vending Machine Helps Retain Tenants

Once tenants see and try out the baby vending machine for themselves, they'll see the many benefits and conveniences it can give them. They won't want to go anywhere else that doesn't include one. And why should they?

With the convenience, functionality, selection of items, and ease of use offered, a baby vending machine keeps tenants happy. Happy tenants will stay where they are, meaning you'll have fewer vacancies to fill. This will improve your overall bottom line.

Vending Machine Business

Convenient Baby Vending Machine Solutions from Baby Vend Unlimited

Apartment living offers the comforts of a house in a scaled-down layout. Likewise, a baby vending machine provides all of the benefits of a corner store in a more convenient and compact form. It is the best solution for busy parents of infants.

Baby Vend Unlimited understands the need for convenience for parents of small children. Emergencies can happen at any time and a baby vending machine provides the essential items they need at the push of a button.

Contact us today if you're interested in adding a baby vending machine to your apartment b

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