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How a Baby Vending Machine Can Promote Hotel Sales

Updated: May 27, 2022

In the United States, parents and families spend over $95 billion a year on travel. If your hotel isn’t catering to this lucrative market, there’s never been a better time to start. From amenities to convenience, we’ve rounded up just a few of the many reasons why a baby vending machine could help you reach the billion-dollar family travel industry.

Traveling with kids isn’t always easy. If your hotel can help out a parent in need, these are the little things they’ll remember when it’s time to book their next trip. Let’s jump in and learn more about how this revolutionary parent’s helper can boost your family bookings.

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There’s a Huge Market for Family Friendly Hotels

The average American family of four is spending roughly $4,580 per vacation. Nearly 2.7% of the gross national product (GDP) in the U.S. came from tourism and travel. That’s a huge market and missed opportunity if your hotel isn’t reaching those parents in charge of vacation planning.

Travel with little kids and babies especially isn’t always easy. Some parents may even skip a vacation because of the planning and stress it can cause. When they do book a vacation, it’s almost always going to be to a family-friendly destination.

This is where having a family-friendly hotel is key. A baby product vending machine tells parents that you’re here to help make their vacation easier. You’ll have diapers, wipes, toys, formula, and more available any time of the day or night in a convenient machine.

The more family-friendly your hotel, the more parents can relax and have fun with their kids. If a late-night diaper emergency arises, the convenience of a baby diaper vending machine won’t go unnoticed.

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Making a Parent’s Life Easier is Always a Good Investment

Investing in guests who become repeat customers is always a good one. Just as hotels have been providing free wi-fi and exercise equipment, family amenities should become staples. As more and more people begin to work from home or work remotely, the way the world travels has also changed.

If a business meeting takes place on a Thursday, it’s not uncommon for someone to bring their family and extend a stay for a long weekend. The pandemic has changed the way many people work, travel, and live. The hotel industry can use this shift to help their guests make their stay with family easier.

Whether a guest comes on a personal trip, a work trip, or a vacation, giving them the conveniences of a home makes them more comfortable and more likely to come back. Parents traveling with kids will know they have essentials and baby products on hand in case of an emergency.

You’ll See Better Reviews and Referrals

When parents have a good time on a family vacation, they are far more likely to refer their hotel to friends and family with children. Giving parents the conveniences and amenities, they need will pay off in referrals.

From parent groups to tot classes and friend circles, parents share tips with other parents. A personal referral is also trusted more than a review from someone anonymous online. When another mom tells you about the family-friendly amenities provided by a hotel, you can trust their personal experiences.

Providing guests with great services such as tailored vending machines is something to tell your friends about. These little services mean the world to someone in a hurry, in an emergency, or on the go. Happy guests are also far more likely to leave a great review online.

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Convenience is an Asset and an Amenity

Business travelers have enjoyed hotel perks for years. Whether it’s meeting rooms, internet access, wine receptions, happy hours, or dinner reservations, hotels try and make business travel effortless.

For families, not all hotels feel like home. If a hotel leaves a guest feeling out of place or unwelcome, it’s time for an update and some new amenities. Access to baby products, formula, toys for toddlers, and even crayons for big brother or sister, are amazing assets for traveling parents.

Instead of having to pack a ton of different kid products, parents can rely on the hotel to have back-ups and fun treats for the kids. The convenience these products the vending machines provide are huge assets to the hotel and their guests with families.

Set Your Hotels Apart

While all hotels likely have ice machines and a free toothbrush somewhere on the property, they don’t all have a baby product vending machine. A unique and extremely helpful amenity is a great way to stand out and set your brand apart.

Go above and beyond for families traveling with children and hotel guests who need access to emergency supplies. It’s hard to run to a pharmacy in the middle of the night when you’re out of baby wipes or formula. Having access to these essentials is a great way to show your guests you’re different and that you care about their families.

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Learn More About Our Baby Vending Machine Partnerships

A baby vending machine gives your guests access to must-have essentials when traveling with kids. From wipes and diapers to formula, snacks, toys, and crayons, these vending machines will make all the difference to your guests. Happy parents are far more likely to share their experiences and refer your hotel to other parents.

If you’re interested in learning more about adding a baby vending machine to your hotel, we’re here to answer your questions. Fill out the contact form here to get in touch. You’ll be one step closer to a new partnership, more bookings, and more guests.

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