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BABYVEND, LLC is currently hiring! We are seeking candidates to fill several project-limited positions that will assist in our company's growth. The positions are contractor-based and limited to managing and/or coordinating specific projects as identified by BABYVEND. Some positions may be extended beyond the allocated timeframe, but on a part-time employment or contract basis. Remote work is available. We welcome applications from individuals and companies.

To Apply:

  • For individuals, please email a resume to with the title of the position you are applying for in the subject line.

  • For companies, please write 2-3 sentences about your company and its focus and email to with the title of the position you are applying for in the subject line. Positions will remain open until filled. 

Order Fulfillment Project Specialist
As an order fulfillment project specialist, you will be responsible for creating and ensuring that efficient systems are in place for receiving, processing, and delivering orders to our customers, which will include machine operators or merchandisers. The order fulfillment project specialist is pivotal to the dynamic development and launch of BABYVEND’s products. This position has the potential to lead to part-time employment or contracting. 
Project Rate: $1,500
Schedule: Part-Time
Reports to: Director of Operations
•    Identify, develop, and document an order fulfillment process for BABYVEND that includes the complete process from point of sales inquiry to delivery of a product to the customer, to return processing. 
•    Identify outsourcing opportunities including 3rd party logistic partners and purchasing software that can support our operation. 
•    Assess and analyze BABYVEND’s existing fulfillment flowchart and process, and communicate suggestions clearly and succinctly to management, raising key issues and presenting options for resolution.
•    Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing Operations, Development or Operations Engineering experience
•    Ability to succeed in an entrepreneurship-based environment.
•    Excellent program management and communication skills
•    Exceptional ability to build relationships; data-driven and willing to take action; enthusiastic and motivated; and detailed while managing several work-streams.

Accounting Specialist
As an account specialist, you will be responsible for creating a basic bookkeeping and accounting system for BABYVEND, as well as sending out timely reports and information to investors. This position has the potential to lead to part-time employment or contracting. 
Project Pay: $1,000
Schedule: Part-Time
Reports to: CEO
•    Develop a basic accounting system that includes accounts payable/receivable, payroll processing and payroll schedule for BABYVEND contractors.
•    Create a yearly payroll schedule with pay dates and pay periods.
•    Manage and maintain BABYVEND books and ensure transactions are accurately categorized, accounts are reconciled, and set up to run personalized reports.
•    Create an operating budget for the company. 
•    Must have one of the following: Active Certified Public Accountant, Active Certified Public Bookkeeper, Bachelor’s degree in Accounting/Finance, or at least 7 years’ experience in accounting, finance, or bookkeeping.
•    Strong experience working with QuickBooks online or similar online accounting platform.
•    Excellent mathematical, analytical, and organizational skills.
•    Computer skills required.

Packaging Project Coordinator
As a packaging project coordinator, you will be responsible for coordinating the design and development of BABYVEND’s new supply kit boxes. You will work with identified suppliers to develop functional, cost-effective, and attractive packaging designs that resonate with our target market and comply with industry regulations.
Project Pay: $1,000
Schedule: Part-Time
Reports to: Director of Operations
•    Work with Director of Operations to execute a packaging development plan.
•    Work with suppliers to determine packaging specifications according to several factors and uses.
•    Analyze working concepts launched by competitors of similar products/packages to match quality and performance.
•    Present packaging mockups and/or samples to team members for brainstorming
•    Ensure designs accurately reflect BABYVEND’s brand.
•    Relevant work experience as a packaging or product designer is preferred.
•    Exceptional verbal and written communication skills
•    Good research and competitor analysis skills and an understanding of industry trends and market conditions
•    Excellent attention to detail

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